ARE YOU A GEEK? Come Work with us!

Are you looking for a job that brings out your creativity? Well you are at right place! Work with one of the most Innovative DIY Electronics and Robotics Company based in Lahore.


We are obviously humans! Apart from fun, we are an open source hardware startup based out of Lahore working on DIY Electronics, Robotics, 3D Printing and other Fabrication Services. We are trying to make programmable electronics easy for an average person so that people can solve real life problems on their own. We design and develop easy DIY Kits of Electronics, IoT & Robotics and couple them with easy tutorials to help people get started as makers. We also conduct free and paid community sessions to help learn in community. We also have a Makerspace where anyone can come in to learn and use our fabrication facility of 3D Printers, Laser Cutters and Milling Machines.


We are growing and we need the geeks who love our work to come and help us fulfill our mission!


We are looking for young enthusiastic professionals with computer/technology/engineering background who think they can teach technology at best and easy level? People with prior knowledge of Robotics and Arduino will be preferred.

Responsibilities: You will be required to develop teaching methodologies for teaching STEM, Programming, Robotics and Electronics to young kids and university students. You will have to conduct lectures and workshops for company as well to explain our products and increase their adoptions.

Educational Background: Bachelors in CS/EE or any other related technology field.
Experience: No prior experience is required

*Send out your projects details in email if you have made any on Arduino or other platforms.

We are hiring Electrical & Electronics Engineers who are keen to work on embedded systems, robotics, control system, embedded programming and circuit board designing.

Responsibilities: You will be asked to design and test certain robots, embedded board, sensors, actuators and electronic breakouts. You have to write their working codes, develop libraries and make written tutorials. Moreover, you will have to work on power circuit, charging circuits and batteries to design custom PCB’s and boards.

Educational Background: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering or Electronics Engineering or any related field.
Experience: No prior experience is required

*Send out your projects details in email if you have made any on Arduino or other platforms.

We are looking for creative artist who is into developing crazy videos, dramatics and acting. We are particular to choose people who already have interest in technology while being from Arts background.

Responsibilities: You will be involved in making crazy+creative videos and photographs of our working products, projects and prototypes being tested in our office. You have to make lifestyle videos of company culture to inspire people. You will also be required to do funny videos on certain funny DIY projects.

Educational Background: Bachelors in Arts from renowned university.
Experience: No prior experience is required

*Send out your portfolio in email with your resume.

We are looking for event management professionals who are always keen to organize events. We are interested in people who have a portfolio of event in their career or university.

Responsibilities: You will be asked to manage our workshops, training and events. Our workshop and trainings are limited to audience of 100. But our events are usually of city level with audience of more than 2000 people. So you have to manage event announcements, entries, followup with participants or entries, sending emails and SMS, organizing venue and locking itineraries with trainers and managing event check-ins and closing. You will also be required to do budgeting and decoration of event as well.

Educational Background: BBA/MBA or any related business degree preferred.
Experience: Prior event management experience will be preferred.

We are looking for marketing and sale experts who know their game of B2C and B2B marketing. We will prefer people who know demand generation, who can make sales strategies and capable enough to meet sales targets while developing a key sales cycle.

Responsibilities: You will be involved in developing sales and marketing strategies. You will be required to email, call and do in-person marketing sessions to drive sales. You have to develop sales strategies and meet sales targets.

Educational Background: BBA/MBA or any business related degree is preferred.
Experience: No prior experience is required. Whereas, knowledge of tools like hubspot will be a plus.

We are looking for people who are keen in business development in terms of reaching out to our partner organizations to create collaborative opportunities along with developing new partnerships. We will be requiring candidate to travel and attend events and represent DIY GEEKS at different platforms.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible to generate demand of product in market along with creating personal relations with our current clients and prospect customers. You will have to coordinate with our partners to develop opportunities of sales and collaborations along with meeting our day to day clients for conveying information.

Educational Background: BBA/MBA or any business related degree is preferred.
Experience: No prior experience is required

We are looking for engineers or computer scientists who are into content writing and are ready to write articles, blogs and tutorials on engineering focused news and technologies. We need multiple people to do this job.

Responsibilities: You will be required to write articles, blogs, cover stories and make tutorial of DIY Electronics, Robotics, IoT, STEM Education and other engineering focused technologies. You will have to cover launch of different products and tools along with their technical reviews.

Educational Background: Bachelors in Engineering or Computer Science will be preferred.
Experience: No prior experience is required.


We are offering Summer Internships of 4-6 weeks to university students with excellent interpersonal skills and interest in given fields. You will be given chance to work with professionals of respective fields to collaboratively bring out projects and build your portfolio by working on practical projects.

  • Photography/Videography: Event Coverage, Social Media Marketing & Video Recording
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineers: Designing Robots, Test Hardware Boards & Sensors, Write Tutorials
  • Event Management: Organize and handle events
  • Marketing & Sales: Design and Develop Sales/Marketing strategies with experts and try out your assumptions.
  • Content Writers: Write articles, blogs, news and tutorials about DIY Electronics, IoT, Robotics and STEM Education.

* Best interns will be awarded stipend but its not promised to everyone, this will be entirely based on your performance at DIY GEEKS.


Send in your Resume/CV with cover letters on why you are applying for certain post and why you are better than other applicants. Don’t forget to attach your cool work and projects because we get impressed with visuals easily.

Do mention the position you are applying for in subject line of email along with your name: E.g. ‘ Applying for Marketing & Sales – Muhammad Ali ‘ and send it on the following email address:


Wait! Forgot to tell you something. There are some extra perks attached to these jobs and internships…

  • We have a very beautiful office in DHA, Lahore and one in Arfa Software Technology Park.
  • We have a cool lab with 3D Printers, CNC Machines, Laser Cutter, Power Supply to print and design your own goodies.
  • We have a-lot of robots in our office you are most welcome to play with them and program them in free time.
  • Did I tell you we have an XBOX in our office and a sleeping room to rest when you are tired after meeting target and deadlines?
  • You get to play with our current kits and top-secret upcoming kits in our office. Oops did I tell something extra? Wphew no!