Frequently Asked Questions

Have any question? Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers!

What does DIY GEEKS means?

DIY GEEKS is basically mix of two terms ‘Do it yourself’ and ‘Geeks’. This means we are building a community of nerds, makers, inventors and innovators who are inventing things on their own by following our tutorials and collaborating with our community. We call us and this community of geeks ‘Do it yourself Geeks’.

DIY Culture is common culture in west countries where people solve their problems on their own by making solutions with these open source hardware technologies.

What is the age group?

Anyone with age 8 above can use our kits, parts and tutorials to build things.

Is it suitable for young kids?

These kits are properly tested with young kits. All our kits are developed after huge research and development with young kids. We not only tested safe use of these parts for kits. We also measured the learning outcome and impact with these kits. This kits have proved highly adoptive for young kids.

Is it suitable for old people?

When we say its suitable for people with 8 years above that means hobbyist/tinkerer of any age group is eligible to work with these kits. Senior citizens have showed a huge interest to develop solutions using our products for solving their real life problems.

Is it safe?

Its pretty safe to use as the voltage/electricity it uses is same as that of used in any remote control car.
We recommend to use it under the precautionary hazards provided on cautions page or mentioned on our product boxes.

Is it easy?

Its a self-learning home based and community driven education. This is really easy we have seen kids of age 10 making their own robots and drones. It’s made to be really adoptive. Makers, Tinkerers & Kids not only just make stuff they also learn along the way. Vast choice of add-ons and upgrades never end fun & learning of making.

What are the use cases of these kits?

Either its about learning how to make robots for young kids. Or an elder one looking to invent a cool gadgets or someone from community looking to make a daily-life automation/problem-solving device. Everything is possible with these kits.

What will be makers learning with these kits?

You will be learning programming, electronics, design thinking, problem solving and essential skills for developing any electronic solution.

Do I/my kids need to know programming beforehand?

No! you will learning programming along the way while making.

Do I/my kids need to know electronics beforehand?

No! We will teach you all the essential concepts dedicatedly in our tutorials while your are making.

Do you provide manual with this?

Yes we do provide a starter page with our kit. Which guides you what is included in box and how to get started with out kit using tutorials on our website. All the learning content is virtual so it gives us leverage to keep updating our content with latest technologies.

Can you teach us how to work with this kits?

Yes we do conduct boot camps and workshops related to our products, kits and other open-source technologies. So as to get everyone started with our kits while narrowing-down initial learning curve. This makes it easier for the ones who are reseliant in start to learn on their own.

Can one make a career path out of this?

Well if you get to make any device/gadget by yourself after learning with your kits un-officialy you know what typically an engineer knows. You can surely get into field of programming, electronics, robotics by taking these skills forward. Even if you make a career path out of this, you essentially need to know these skills to keep pace with this developing technology every day.

Do you make these kits by yourself?

These kits are made by our team with dedicated effort in terms of figuring out what components should be in what box. This all is done while considering the fact that you learn all essential concepts/skills themed with box. We are doing constant research for developing these kits.

Is the components made in Pakistan?

No most of them are made in China. But its not above re-inventing the wheel it about making things that actually mean something by solving personal/local problems. In future we surely intent to manufacture these parts in Pakistan.

Lego mindstorms bhi tu yahi karati hain?

Yes! But do you think its a better option? Considering the price of lego-kits and learning outcomes are not more than, playing with toys and blocks.
:p You can get our whole line of kits in price half than that of lego-kits.

What are the benefits of your robotic-kits over Lego's one?

First of all our kits are based on real hardware. Which can be used to make actual electronic device. Secondly our kit teaches real product development skills which unfortunately lego fails to do. Thirdly our kits are way cheaper than theirs and dedicatedly developed for local market.

Faida kia hai aap ki kit ka?

Our kits are not only intended to one application or skill. It enables you to develop and make different things that you can think of. It not only fun to play with but it also teaches meaningful skills. It enables one to make devices one can dream off.

IoT Kit

Is it safe to work with mains voltage?

No its not safe to work with main voltage we recommend our such tutorials for people with age 18 above.

What kind of things I can make out this?

Check out our getting started tutorial.

Can I control electrical appliances in my house with this kit?

Yes for sure you can control your home appliances with IoT Starter Kit

What is IoT Developer Kit for?

It is actually to enable professionals, developers, engineering/software students to develop IoT solution that are beyond home automation.

Arduino Starter Kit

What kind of things I can make out this?

Check out our getting starter tutorial to understand this.

Robotic Car Kit

What are the various sensors your robotic car is equipped with?

Check our getting started tutorial for robotic car kit.

Robotic Arm Kit

Can I control my robotic arm with a mobile phone?

Yes it is designed to be controlled with mobile phone. Find this tutorial on our getting started with robotic arm kit tutorial.