Ever dreamt of becoming an awesome scientist, making cool gadgets, time machines or flying jets? Well, it’s about time you started. DIY GEEKS have created Kits, which are all-that-you-need starter kits to get you started with the art of making.

Our Maker Kits are Do it Yourself education kits backed with online learning material. The purpose of these kits is to bring home-based community education. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can purchase these kits and start inventing stuff. Young kids can get started by making their own robot, college students can start by learning programming and electronics and build real-life problem solving solutions. Engineers, makers and hobbyists can start by making Home Automation and IoT Solutions.

All you need to do is buy a kit of your choice and start making! It takes 1-2 hours at max for learning on how to use these kits in inventing your own ideas. Want to know more check out detailed kits explainer.

Getting Started Tutorials of Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best age group for using kit?

Anyone with age 8 years and above can use these kits.

Are these kits dangerous with regards to electricity?

These kits are as safe as a remote control toy car. Difference is that we provide parts instead of finished product.

Why should you get this kit?

Its a self learning kit, you get online tutorials with this kit with which you learn in few minutes and start making things.

Do I need to take special course or classes with this kit?

No, this is a self learning kit. You just need to follow starter tutorial. After that its really adoptive that and you you will be able to start making on your own.

For More Questions and Concern Visit our FAQ’s Page or Support Page.