Maker Camps

No matter what’s your age or educational background. We conduct workshops, trainings and bootcamps for you. All of our bootcamps and workshops are oriented to teach 21st century skills. These courses vary between beginners programming, robotics and electronic skills till professional hardware product design and development skills.

These bootcamps include basic level trainings to get young kids started with programming, electronics, robotics and 3D printing in no go. We have flexible class schedule to fit your needs.
Our bootcamps comprises of daily, one-day, summer vacation and winter vacation classes. Its a community learning experience.

Age Limit: 8 years to 16 years.


We conduct professional skill development trainings and workshops to teach hardware product development skills. These trainings are enabling people to develop mature products like robots, electronic gadgets(smart devices, mobile phones, smart watches etc.), and Internet of things solutions.

Age Limit: 18 years and above

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Community Meetups

We conduct free community meet-ups around different topics and technologies to spread open-source hardware community in masses. Community meet-ups are not only about discussions we also learn from each other by conducting workshops on different topics in self-curated community manner.

Age Limit: Varies in every meetup.

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