Arduino Starter Kit

 3,500.00  3,200.00 GST

Arduino Starter Kit is our first and basic learning kit with the power of Arduino board. This kit is meant to learn basics of programmable electronics. It enforces the concepts of electronics and programming in way that one can starting building programmable electronic solutions and robots in matter of minutes and few experiments. It not only helps you learn basics but also help you prototype hardware devices.


Product Description:

It is the getting started kit of Arduino UNO and other discrete electronic breakout boards, components and sensors. It helps to learn basics of hardware and software interaction along with hardware to hardware interaction of sensors(input devices) and actuators(output devices). It teaches on how to use different types of input and output devices with a micro-controller.


What's in the Box

Following are the components included in the box

Components                  Quantity
DC Motor 1
Motor Controller (L298N) 1
Buzzer 1
Potentiometer 1
DHT11 1
Ultrasonic Sensor 1
SG90 Servo 1
Matrix Keypad 1
Arduino UNO 1
Arduino USB cable 1
Push Button 2
Yellow LEDs 4
Green LEDs 4
Red LEDs 4
Breadboard 1
Resistors Pack 1
M2M Jumper wires 1
M2F Jumper wires 1
LCD 16×2 1
Screw Driver 1
Box 1


Followings are few ideas and tutorials that you can learn and make with this kit.

  • Arduino Programming Basics
  • Setting Up Environment
  • Getting started with Arduino boards and programming
  • LED blink with Arduino – Digital Output
  • Push button and LED with Arduino – Digital Input & Output
  • LED brightness control with Arduino – Analog Input & Analog Output
  • Buzzer with Arduino – Analog Output
  • Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino
  • DC Motor control using Arduino
  • Servo motor with Arduino
  • Serial Monitor and Serial Communication using Arduino UNO
  • I2C LCD with Arduino UNO
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensing with DHT & Arduino
  • Microphone with Arduino UNO
  • Matrix Keypad with Arduino UNO