Google Paper Signals Pack – Version: DIY for Her


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Paper Signals are build-it-yourself objects that you control with your voice.

Paper Signals is a google open-source project that enables you to understand how we can build voice-controlled objects with Google Assistant. These pre-provided objects are fun, it can help you build timer or track time with timer object or help you visually check wether there is a Rain forecast today or not.

Its all DIY by the way, you just need to buy a box follow our extensively explained easy tutorial and you are all set. Are you read to make it? Head to: How to: Google Paper Signals

What’s in the pack:

  • NodeMCU (ESP8266 Variant)
  • Micro servo
  • Micro USB cable (data-syncing)
  • Male/female jumper wires

Some extra stuff you need will be; Glue/Double Tape, Scissor, Paper Cutter, Ruler and Screw Driver.

Paper Signals is built on Actions on Google, the platform that allows you to make things for the Google Assistant and the Google Home. It uses Dialogflow to handle understanding what the user says, Firebase Cloud Functions and Firebase Database for backend code and storing data, and Arduino for programming the electronics.


This repo contains the Arduino files used to make API calls and move servos. This lets users set up their own individual signals using the same Firebase and Actions backend that our pre-made examples use.

Instructions for how to set up one of the pre-made, example signals can be found at or you can follow our own custom tutorial to learn, How to: Google Paper Signals

This project was built by Isaac Blankensmith and Smooth Technology with friends at Google Creative Lab using DialogflowActions on GoogleFirebase and hardware components.