IoT Starter Kit – Internet of Things

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World is moving towards smart technologies. Internet of things is

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Product Description

Get started in the world of Internet of Things by prototyping basic IoT devices. Connect your things to the web in matter of minutes with few lines of code. This kit is flavored to develop home automation based devices.


What's in the Box

Name                  Quantity
NodeMCU ESP8266 1
NodeMCU Cable 1
LDR Breakout 1
DHT 11 Breakout 1
Gas Sensor (MQ) 1
Tiny RTC Module 1
AC~DC Power Module (200v to 5v) 1
SPDT Switch 1
2 Channel Relay 1
PIR Sensor 1
Breadboard 1
M2M Jumper Wires 1
M2F Jumper Wires 1
Resistors Pack 1
Screw Driver 1
Vero Board 1
Push Button 2
Buzzer 1
LED’s (R,G,B) 4 each