Robotic Arm Kit


Its a fun learning robotics kit. This is to get you started with robotics by making your own cool Robotic Arm. Not only that you can add certain cool features on same Robotic Arm to play with it and never end the learning. This kit enforces basic concepts of programming, electronics and robotics along with problem solving in a fun and interactive way.

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 Product Description:

It is a fun learning kit with easy DIY tutorials and Arduino Programming/drag n drop programming interface to get anyone started with programming and robotics in matter of minutes.

Working Video:

What's in the box

Components                  Quantity
Arduino UNO 1
Arduino USB Cable 1
M2M Jumper Wires 1
M2F Jumper Wires 1
Joysticks 2
Servo Motor (SG90) 4
Acrylic Cutouts 1
Breadboard 1
DC Adapter (5V 2A) 1
Hex L-Wrench 1
M3 Screws (20mm) 5
M3 Screws (12mm) 9
M3 Screws (10mm) 4
M3 Screws (8mm) 14
M3 Screws (6mm) 12
M3 Nuts 12


  • Assembling of Robotic Arm
  • Wiring of Robotic Arm
  • Arduino Programming Basics
  • Program Robotic Arm with Graphical Programming
  • Controlling Robotic Arm with Joystick (Graphical Programming)
  • Programming your Robotic Arm with Arduino IDE
  • Mobile Controlled Robotic Arm
  • Voice Controlled Robotic Arm