Spider Bot Kit


Spider Bot Kit is the right robotic platform for people who love to take on challenges and learn new skills. This robotic kit is a fun way of learning robotics and programming at home.

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 Product Description:

Want to take your skills up a notch, then this Quadruped robot is just for you. Just like with the Robotic Car and Arm, you can add various control mechanisms to it (mentioned in Getting Started page). Above that, this will be your introduction to the realm of Legged Robots. Who knows, maybe someday you will be building more complex Hexabots or Octobots. Until then, keep learning with the all new Spider Bot Kit.

What's in the box

Components                  Quantity
Arduino Nano 1
Arduino Nano USB Cable 1
MG90 Servo Motors 8
Servo Expansion Shield 1
IR Sensor 1
Acrylic Cutouts 1
DC Adapter (5V 2A) 1
Hex L-Wrench 1
M3 Nyloc Nuts 32
M3 Hex Nut 32
M3 Screws (10mm) 40
M3 Screws (12mm) 16
M3 Screws (16mm) 4
Screw Driver 1