Servo SG90 9G

$ 1.85



Product Description

TowerPro SG90 9G Micro Servo Motor RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Controls TE147


Small size and light weight.
All Nylon Gear.
250mm connector wire.
Less noice.
With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings.


Operating speed: 0.3second/ 60degree
Stall Torque : 1.5kg/cm
Temperature range: 0 to +55 degree
Dead band width: 10usec
Operating voltage: 4.8V~6V
Fit for ALL kind of R/C Toys
Connector Wire Length 250MM

Package Included:

1 PCS 9g Tower Pro SG90 Mini Micro Servo For RC Airplanes Cars and Boats


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