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Please reach out to us on +92 (343) 5187556. Your voice is what we have been waiting to hear ! 7 days a week 09:00AM to 7:00PM PKT




We are a community education platform and our community is always ready to solve your problems with in depth discussions and knowledge sharing. Go to our forum and post your problem.

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Need help with a quick answer? Or need help in choosing right support option?

I want to make something but don't know where to start?

If you have any idea and want to know what components you need for certain project. Look into our repository of Tutorials and Projects to find our right tutorial. Or else head to our forum and post your concern, our community of makers will help you get through it.

My Arduino/Raspberry Pi or any other board or components is not working?

Post your problem on our forum with relevant information regarding your concern e.g. images of not working part or sample of code which is not working. Or explain the situation you are finding problem in. The community of dedicated and experienced makers will help you in figuring out the way with proper explanation so that you don’t face this problem in future.

I have purchased components from DIY GEEKS and they are not working?

Well essentially we test all the components before placing in our kits or before sending it alone. Since these are electronic components there is a chance you might have burnt it while wiring it first time. But sometime we make small mistake which do not let a component to work. This can be wrong code or wrong wiring of parts. Contact us on our chat option on facebook or call us on our support number. We will love to get you through this situation.

I am new to all of this and landed on this page, need help to get something to start?

Allow our technical team to help you in this by reaching us out on our facebook page or calling us on our support number.

I want to take a course on robotics, internet of things and hardware product development?

Please visit our courses page and select the course you want to attend. On course page read out all the information and fill out sign-up form. Our team will call you back with timings and pricing in 24 hours. Courses Page

Do you offer boot-camps/workshops/trainings for young kids?

Yes we do conduct boot camps for young kids. You can head to our courses page and select bootcamps and see details there. If you feel convinced or still have questions fill out the form on that page. Our team will call you with all the details of timing and pricing.

Do offer any free course?

We conduct Geeks Hangout a free community meetup almost every week. Where we teach different topics in every meetup. In community meet-ups we select limited audience with our own criteria. So we might not be able to garuntee your attendance. Do apply because we consider last week audience in every next week signups.



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