How to make your own FRUIT PIANO at home?

Well, hello my old friend……ahem….. I believe you’re here after reading the story of the Fruit Piano? If not, do give it a read as well: A Piano with Fruits?!

So, in the earlier article we read how this cool idea occurred to some university students, and how the fruit piano was born. We also read the claim that the fruits (electrodes) acted similar to smartphones. Let’s see how…

Fruits are enriched with nutrition/MOISTURE

So, when they are injected with some charge, their bodies conduct it and spread it uniformly all over the fruit….. we like to call this the ‘force field’. Citrus fruits, having a higher acidic/ionic capacity, produce a bigger and stronger field, so you don’t even have to even touch these fruits to play them.

That feeling tho….. erh…. Moving on…

When we intercept this field by our touch, it behaves similar to the principle of capacitive touch in a smartphone.

Get it now, Einstein? Now let us look into making a fruit piano of our own.

You would need:

  • Arduino UNO

This would be the brain of your project. You can power it by letting it stay plugged inside your PC after coding it, or you can simply power it separately using a 5V DC battery.


  • Code

            Then we code the Arduino. The code is, we can say, a combination of ifs, elses and algorithms to produce notes of various frequencies in response to each electrode.

We are thankful to Joe Marshall for writing this code. As the code is a ‘little’ pro to teach, we’re just giving it away to be downloaded.

>> Download Fruit Piano Arduino Code


  • Male-to-male jumper wires

8 of these puppies

  • 5mm Audio Jack Female

slit one end of the aux wire, it may contain 3 wires. Identify the ground (Black) and twist the rest into one. Now you have 2 wires…. follow the schematic for connections.


  • Speakers/Earphone

As we’re connecting a female aux to our project. It gives us the liberty to either enjoy our music personally on a headphone, or let our neighbors enjoy it on a speaker set.

  • Fruits/Vegetables/Conductors

Fruits, vegetables, a glass of water, soup, your younger sibling, anything that can conduct can be an electrode.

  • Craziness


Being crazy is not a requirement…… but it helps!

Finally, assemble your project using this beautifully designed schematic.

Each probe leads to an electrode (fruit)

…. And *taddaaa* your fruit piano is ready!


Have you made yours yet? Do let us know in the comments.

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How to make your own FRUIT PIANO at home?

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