Welcome again fellas, if you’re on this page, you probably read about making a cheap gaming rig in Pakistan, If not here’s the link <insert link>

Anyways, let’s get going and see what this “Xeon” processor is that everyone is talking about…
“The Xeon /ˈziːɒn/ is a brand of x86 microprocessors designed, manufactured, and marketed by Intel, targeted at the non-consumer workstation, server, and embedded system markets. The primary advantages of the Xeon CPUs, when compared to the majority of Intel’s desktop-grade consumer CPUs, are their multi-socket capabilities, higher core counts, larger cache memory, and support for ECC memory. A Xeon Phi co-processor, or co-processors, can be used alongside an existing Intel Xeon processor to provide increased/improved computing power, requiring an available PCI Express 3.0 ×16 slot in ×16, or ×8 mode.”


So, in a nutshell, server processors, used normally for non-consumer computers. But in Pakistan it is a great processor for gaming, WHY? Let’s have a look,

“oo bhai…. Xeon toh server processor hay, yey kidr gaming kay liyay aa gya?”

True… Xeon really is a server processor, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for gaming, cut that guy some slack people, Xeon is a great processor for gaming.

“yaar menay comparison kia hay, yey toh bohat neechay hay, is main toh cpu integrated graphics he nai hay..”

As Xeon is a server processor, that’s why they don’t come with an any gpu whatsoever, but tell me this… if you are designing a PC for gaming, will u really be using the graphics integrated on the CPU? Obviously you’re getting a GPU, and after that u don’t really need any of those integrated graphics. Other than that, it’s a really great processor. Yes, the i-series are good to some level, but that doesn’t give you any edge when it comes to gaming.

yaar inki clock rate itni kaam hay, compared to i-series…”

The i-series and Xeon are not from the same family of CPUs, so their clock speeds are by no means directly comparable. Even though the clock rate is higher with the i-series, this is not always an indicator that it will be superior in performance, despite frequency being crucial when trying to avoid GPU bottlenecking. In this case, however, the difference is probably a good indicator.


WAAITTTT…. Yaar yey processors toh bohat costly hain!!!”


EXACTLY… this is probably what u found on every forum too… Xeon processors really are costly, if u try to buy it online or anything, but this is where the local market jumps in, Xeon machines come to Pakistan in bulk, these machines are way cheaper as compared to the price u will find online, an i5 equalent machine when made by using Xeon will only cost u approx. 20% of the original!!!! “Ankhain khuli ki khuli reh gain…no?”

<insert gif>


“yar ap nay iss ko use bhi kia hay, ya awain hawa main chori ja rhay ho…”

funny u should ask, yes! We have used the processor “Xeon W3530”, in the machine “Dell Precision T3500”. And all the modern games (batman Arkham knight, doom 4, battlefield 1, quantum break, rise of tomb raider, COD advanced warfare) were running seamlessly, using only 40% of the CPU at average. Below are some screenshots of games.

GPU used: GTX 780 MSI lightening

Resolution: 1920×1080

  1. Crysis 3:


  1. Batman Arkham Knight:


  1. COD advanced warfare:


  1. Rise of tomb raider:


As u can see, none of games are using even 30% of the CPU.


“han phir, kesa diya?”



Are u interested in making a Xeon built? Do u think u need more information and benchmark comparison of these CPUs? Let us know in the comments!




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